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La Bonfante is a multi-faceted entrepreneurial reality established in the national and European for over 60 years. The primary activity consists in the production and marketing of products for garden furniture; in the last twenty years it has been expanded and integrated with innovative items for urban furniture and modular fences.
The Bonfante Family, together with a consolidated staff, express the passion and craftsmanship that is lit and handed down by the founder Guido "Piero" Bonfante back in 1952.
The automated management of the production technological systems and the warehouse, combined with the experience and professionalism of the operators, guarantee maximum business efficiency.
All this is expressed in the Bonfante brand.


The Bonfante company, thanks to its craftsmanship and operational dynamism, designs and manufactures from the small garden furniture artefact to the most complex and important prefabricated urban furnishing structure.
The synergistic relationships with other entrepreneurial realities have produced a widening and integration of high quality products for garden furniture, urban furniture and modular fences.
The constant work carried out with passion, supported by continuous design stimuli, has led Bonfante to be recognized as a synonym of prestige and guarantee, from retailers in the sector and the final public. The Bonfante brand
it stands out for its originality, quality and intrinsic value of the product.
Over 1200 references, 100 patents of ornamental products, 5 industrial patents on innovative urban furnishing systems, and 4 industrial patents on modular fences, can make it clear with certainty that: "we cultivate, day by day, the desire not to be like everyone. "


La Bonfante combines craftsmanship with the pleasure of the challenge, working at every level with great passion.
The products made for garden furniture, urban furniture and modular fences express the continuous evolution of the market and the needs of a customer who is prepared and attentive.
The products that arise through the creativity and ingenuity of the company staff, are aimed at a refined user who wants to create a garden, a square, a place of public socialization, representative of their own stimuli and of Made in Italy excellence.
The innovative and efficient production management cycle, a punctual logistics, a selection of suppliers quality, a careful management management, make the challenge of "doing things for good" continuous and exciting.


La Bonfante designs and manufactures the products with its own brand because, faced with the multitude of proposals aimed at confusing the client and throwing him into anonymity, he wants to excite him without frontiers.
"Ideas, Culture and Italian Passion" must be recognizable in every garden and in every square.
Our main objective is to involve the retailer as the fulcrum of the relationship between the company and the end customer, in order to transmit and achieve the perfect completion of the initial project.
Products must always be more innovative, respectful of the environment and social needs.
La Bonfante works with emotion and passion through the concreteness of its products, the stylistic innovation of its articles, the Made in Italy craftsmanship, in order to reassert the trust of our Bel Paese.
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 Having achieved quality certification,
it's not a point of arrival,
but the continuation of the process
of maturation that the company
carries on since its foundation.


The Bonfante brand is recognized by the market as a synonym of quality, of Italian raw materials and a guarantee of the product made in our country, with the passion and craft culture typical of the area.
For years Bonfante has distinguished its products with its own brand stamped directly on the product or through the application of special labels in various materials.
Moreover, since 2009 the company has created some accessories and faucets suitable for the exterior, distinguishable from the Bonfante logo, made in collaboration with its historical partners of recognized experience and professionalism. These elements are obtained with top quality metal alloys and through production phases marked by rigorous controls; characteristics that guarantee an important level of reliability over time.
The Bonfante company sets exclusive and trademark rights in relation to the aforementioned commercial products; therefore, they can not be copied or sold without the prior authorization of the Bonfante company. This in compliance with the current international regulations.


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