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The supplies of the materials take place, solely, in accordance with these conditions of sale. Any conditions and requests made by the purchaser, as well as for any variation of contract, will be considered valid only if accepted in writing by Bonfante srl.

1. ORDERS: orders are binding only after the approval of Bonfante srl through order confirmation sent to the customer (or equivalent for online contracts Bonfante srl - Customer Reseller) and must be forwarded only in writing by fax, letter , e-mail or by local agent; telephone orders are not accepted.

2. PRICES: the prices indicated in the present price list, except for changes made to the conditions reserved to the customer, are intended ex our warehouse and are not inclusive of I.V.A. Bonfante srl, due to the instability of raw material costs, reserves the right to change the price list at any time, without prior notice.

3. MINIMUM ORDER: for organizational and accounting purposes the minimum taxable amount for absolute invoicing is € 300.00 in price list; the minimum order, understood as the list price, is € 1,000.00; orders below this amount will not be accepted (except for points 4, 5 and 6).

4. RAPID SERVICE: with a contribution of € 35.00 net you can take advantage of the "RAPIDO SERVICE". The shipment is bound by a minimum order of € 300.00 price list and a maximum weight of 250 kg (it is recommended to check the weight at the time of order on the technical sheet of each article to avoid operations incompatible with the service).
N.B. It is essential when ordering to write on the "QUICK SERVICE" order; with this option you can receive the desired material in 72/96 working hours after the order confirmation countersigned.

5. SERVICE 10: with a contribution of € 15.00 net you can take advantage of the "SERVICE 10". The shipment is bound by a minimum order of € 150.00 price list and a maximum weight of 10 kg; delivery is expected within 72 working hours following confirmation of the order countersigned.

6. PRINT SYNTHETIC CUTTING SERVICE: it is possible to request the cutting of the synthetic lawn to size for dimensions smaller than the standard roll (minimum size 4x2 m, multiple cuts of 0.5 m in length, standard width 2 m) with a contribution € 20.00 net for cutting and additional € 20.00 net for the transport of only clipping by courier within 72 hours after the order confirmation countersigned.

7. CONTRIBUTION OF TRANSPORT: a flat fee of € 45.00 will be charged for each order of between € 1,000.00 and € 2,600.00 of price list. For amounts over € 2,600.00 list, prices are to be considered free arrival. The hydraulic lift / crane service is not included. For distances of more than 250 km from the headquarters of Badia Polesine (RO), the transport contribution remains at the discretion of the supplier company.
N.B. For smaller amounts or weights other than those indicated in points 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, the company reserves the right to apply a transport fee of € 80.00 net in order to amortize the costs to be incurred. The times indicated in points 4-5-6 are not guaranteed for areas difficult to reach.

8. PACKAGING: Bonfante products, at the time of packing, are checked and traced with quality protocol. Most of the material is packed on disposable pallets with a shrinking and / or extendable bag, with the exception of planters that do not have a pallet; in case of request of pallet on these products will be debited € 5.00 per pallet. It is advisable to respect the quantities for pallets indicated in the article sheet, reducing the risk of damage during transport.

9. DELIVERY TIME: 15 days from the date of sending the order confirmation, signed and stamped for acceptance by the purchaser for products in the catalog. In any case, the week indicated on the order confirmation sent by Bonfante srl is valid. The supplier company assumes no responsibility in the event that the delivery date is not respected for reasons not directly attributable to it, also it will be his concern in important cases to inform the buyer about the impediments. Bonfante srl uses the C.C. and Dir. Cee aimed at defining and healing disputes between commercial entrepreneurs.

10. PAYMENT: in relation to Dir. 2011/7 / UE (company-company transactions) only the payment terms agreed upon during the offer phase, reported on the commission and / or established by the agent with the prior consent of Bonfante srl will be valid. In case of non-payment at the fixed deadlines, the interest for late payment will be calculated at the annual legal rate indicated by the law. In this case all subsequent payments will expire immediately and in the manner established unilaterally by Bonfante srl. Failure to comply with the payment conditions will entitle the seller to suspend deliveries. Bonfante srl reserves the right to apply the provisions of Legislative Decree 241/2000 and subsequent amendments in the event of delayed or non-payment, in addition to resolving the right from the shop.

11. RESERVATION OF OWNERSHIP: all products are sold subject to ownership in favor of Bonfante srl until full payment of the goods, pursuant to art. 1523 C.C; moreover until then the Bonfante agents are authorized to access the premises where the items are stored for appropriate checks in case of complaint, damage or to instruct the institute: reserved domain. The retailer buyer (or end customer in the online relationship) assumes all risks related to products such as breakages, product defects, deterioration, subtraction, deterioration, damage by third parties, from the time of their delivery. Bonfante Srl reserves the right to intervene with the competent authorities to define and certify the reservation of property.

12. COMPLAINTS: any complaints must be received within 8 days of receipt of goods, by AR mail, faxed in advance, or e-mail to info@bonfante.com and will not be taken into consideration complaints after that deadline or received by telephone only . Furthermore, it is always advisable (necessary for heavy damages) to report damage on the transport documents with the driver's support and, if possible, to take some pictures when unloading. It is mandatory, on the DDT in the space "Acceptance with Reserve" to indicate precisely and in detail the reason for the reservation. In any case, Bonfante srl will not discretionally start the insurance claim.

13. AUTHORIZED DEALER, PACT OF EXCLUSIVE EXHIBITION SITE: if one or more exposures are made to the customer and granted the title of authorized dealer with the means: paper and multimedia advertising, posters, flyers or posters, the customer agrees to indefinite time not to place foreign material inside the exhibition area dedicated to Bonfante srl. This commitment remains unchanged even if the material in question has been purchased. Failure to comply with these conditions will end the authorization. In fact, the Bonfante reserves the right to obscure or withdraw the billboard, even if there are brands or logos of the customer. The bill will only have to support Bonfante advertising and any retailer logo. If not, Bonfante srl reserves the right to withdraw the bill and to proceed according to company rules. The costs, taxes and charges relating to the advertising billboard are the sole responsibility of the customer. The exhibitions must be set up exclusively and exclusively with the Bonfante products. Confusion with other products and / or admixture will be prosecuted. Deceptive activity against Bonfante products will turn off the authorization.

14. WARRANTY: Bonfante srl will, unilaterally, verify, unilaterally, discretionally and unquestionably to the free replacement of the articles that will result of defective manufacturing in the first 24 months from the sale. Upon replacement, the purchaser must return the material considered defective, properly packaged, to allow the company to assess the nature of the anomaly and decide whether to retain the replacement at his own expense; in case of failure to return the value of the replaced part will be charged, including transport costs.

15. RESERVE OF CONTROL OF GOODS: the customer must obligatorily keep the BAR CODE reported on the product pallet. This is to light any need for traceability of the product, and for any need for protection, claim and warranty. In order to be able to replace the product in the event of breakages due to transport, the customer is required to check the unloading of the goods, the integrity of the packaging or the appearance of breakage. If the items are damaged, you must write a comment on the DdT, with the words "reserve control" countersigned by the carrier, then notify Bonfante srl by fax, sending a copy of the DdT, with any photographic documentation or report. All must be received by Bonfante srl no later than three days after delivery. In the absence of such documentation it will not be possible to claim against the carrier and the goods will not be replaced.

16. JURISDICTION: Exclusive jurisdiction of the Rovigo Court.
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