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Soc. Bonfante Srl, as producer and distributor of Bonfante products, receives and formalizes the following guarantee.

Bonfante products have a limited warranty against construction defects for 24 months.

The warranty is limited to the product and does not cover any other costs (installation and / or uninstallation, indirect damage caused by malfunction, transport costs for the return of defective products to Bonfante Srl, etc.).

The warranty does not cover the risks of theft and loss that may occur during transport to the Technical Assistance Center - Authorized Reseller.

As far as the non-EU countries are concerned, the warranty rights established in this regulation have priority over any national laws or regulations, unless otherwise agreed at the contractual level between the parties, at the time of purchase of the product.

Warranty claims are forfeited in the presence of damage caused by improper use, tampering, fall, attempts to repair carried out by unauthorized personnel or in general by anything else demonstrating improper use of the goods. In any case, all the aesthetic parts, those subject to wear and all the parts for which the appropriate use can not be verified are expressly excluded from the warranty.

The guarantee excludes any indemnity in favor of the purchaser for the period (s) of inefficiency of the product, moreover the warranty does not cover any damages caused to people, things and animals deriving from the use of the product.

The warranty repair does not provide for the installation of any technical and functional updates on the apparatus - product.

The guarantee does not cover damages deriving from natural events such as fires, earthquakes, floods and any other cause not directly attributable to a product defect.

The End User loses his / her rights recognized by the art. 130 paragraph II of the Consumer Code, if it does not report to Bonfante Srl the lack of conformity within two months from the date on which it discovered the defect. Once you have ascertained that the Products or the Products are defective, the final customer must proceed with the request for the opening of the left for product defects for authorization and warranty return to the e-mail address: commerciale@bonfante.com.

The claims investigations will be screened and eventually accepted on the condition that:
· Copy of the purchase invoice or equivalent document in PDF format
· Article, Model and number of defective products
· Declaration of the Type of defect or malfunction highlighted
· 4 Photographs: in the installation or native installation situation that involves at least 4 angles representative of the part where vice or vices are present.
N. B. The removal from the seat of the appropriate BONFANTE product, or attempts to repair it carried out by unauthorized personnel or in general from anything else proving an inadequate use, entails the loss of warranty. Furthermore, it is necessary to carry out the removal only after having documented and received the return authorization from Bonfante Srl.
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