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The Bonfante staff is busy every day
to meet the needs, requests and desires of all its customers.

Information Office
Tel. 0425.1560012 int.1 - e-mail: info@bonfante.com
To get information on the status of your orders and to know prices, specific characteristics of the articles.
Commercial office
Tel. 0425.1560012 int.3 - e-mail: commerciale@bonfante.com
To forward your orders and to know prices, specific characteristics, sales methods and conditions of supply of our products.
Logistics Office
Tel. 0425.1560012 int.2 - e-mail: logistica@bonfante.com
To be informed about the status of fulfillment of your orders and requests on how to deliver.
Technical office

Tel. 0425.1560012 int.4 - e-mail: tecnico@bonfante.com
To know everything about the technical aspects, the design, adaptation and customization of our products and for a specialized consultancy in the field of synthetic grass and modular fences.
Administrative office
Tel. 0425.1560012 int.6 - e-mail: amministrazione@bonfante.com
To communicate, verify, manage administrative and accounting data and reports and to solve administrative documentary problems. Customer invoicing.
Marketing and Quality Office
Tel. 0425.1560012 int.7 - e-mail: dino@bonfante.com
To be aware of promotional initiatives and information on contractual conditions of distribution, to indicate needs or to suggest improvements on products and to communicate non-conformities.

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